Welcome to Reorient Collective

Life giving space for evolving faith

Most of the open hearted wanderers I've encountered are looking not for a bullet proof belief system but for a community of friends.
- Rachel Held Evans

The Reorient Collective

is a practice-based community that...

...senses a shift in the Christian Household.

...trusts that Divine Love is at work in this shift.

...seeks a deep experience of Divine Love 
as the True Source of our Life.

...commits to curiosity, humility, diversity, and Love in all things.

Once I join how do I participate?

Create life-giving space for others with your...
respect…and love.

Join others in Spiritual Practice..Practice Events.

Attend and Participate in Reorient Gatherings

Participate in a Live Reorient Cohort.

Reorient Collective might be for you if...

  • ...you're ok with people who embrace mystery,
    don't have all the answers and don't expect you too either.

  • ...you sometimes struggle with faith and beliefs
    but still have spiritual hunger and thirst.

  • ...you're looking for safe space to hold your big questions
    without fear of being excommunicated, ghosted or ridiculed.

  •  ...you want to hear and engage in respectful, life-giving discussions instead of unhelpful, judgmental debate.

  • ...you desire to find and deepen spiritual practice
    that can actually transforms your way of being.

  • ...you want to deepen and expand your ability to love
    the Divine, yourself and others.
We know we will not always get it right,  but we will humbly commit to creating this kind of space together

If that sounds like a place you belong...
We look forward to meeting you!

How do I join
the Reorient Collective?

The Reorient Collective Online Platform is member supported. 
We ask for a monthly donation of $5.00.
This donation helps us fund the costs of providing 
this Mighty Network platform.

If a monthly donation is too much for you right now, we’ll happily give you a scholarship. 
Just shoot us an email and request a scholarship subscription: [email protected]